New Institute of Agroecology

A while ago some researchers at the university, UNRN, among them a team from our group, have worked on an application for starting a new institute on Agroecology. It just got approved and we are pleased to now have the Instituto de Investigaciones en Recursos Naturales, Agroecología y Desarrollo Rural – IRNAD

Translated it mean “Institute of Research in Natural Resources, Agroecology and Rural Development. The idea is to work with questions on how to transform agriculture to produce food, increase food security and social development in a sustainable way. This require understanding and knowledge from many different disciplines and we aim to be an inter- and transdisciplinary research institute. We are already from the start an interdisciplinary group of researchers, which will hopefully increase with time.

If you want more information you can contact me or the Director of the Institute Lucas Garibaldi.


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