Bees, Pollination and neonicotinoids

Bees, Pollination and neonicotinoids – is a project where we studied the effects on honeybees, bumblebees and solitary bees of some of the systemic pesticides that are grouped under neonicotinoids.


Most studies to date have only artificially fed bees with low doses of neonicotinoids in lab and no well designed and replicated study has examined if shown impacts prevail under field conditions. In our projects on bees and neonicotinoids, we use well designed studies in real agricultural landscapes or in replicated cages to study the exposure and impacts of pesticides on both wild and managed bee species.

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Project base

The project is a collaboration between the Swedish Board of Agriculture, Lund University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the Swedish Seed and Oilseed Growers Association and the Swedish Beekeeper Association.


Funding was provided by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, Carl Tryggers Foundation for Scientific Research, Royal Physiographic Society, Swedish Research Council FORMAS


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