SAPES – Multifunctional Agriculture: Harnessing Biodiversity for Sustaining Agricultural Production and Ecosystem Services – is a research environment in which we want to understand how different farming practices affect ecosystem functions and biodiversity.

The aim is to understand how land-use and farm management affect farmland biodiversity and thus, ecosystem functions. It also aspire to understand more about the factors influencing farmer’s decision making. We vision SAPES to be a tool for guiding the development of a sustainable agriculture where biodiversity and ecosystem services are managed as assets to society.


Current agricultural practices, while good at producing some crops, are detrimental to the environment and unsustainable. We need to transform agriculture such that it base its production on ecosystem services while minimize harm to people and environment.

Read more at the project homepage at CEC

Project base

The project is a collaboration between Lund University, Swedish Agricultural University in Uppsala and Stockholm University. We combine science and practical experience knowledge from scientists and stakeholders to make better policies. So here the base also lies in farmers and other stakeholders.


The project is funded by Swedish Research Council FORMAS.

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